10_5_2020 - on my plate

Yesterday I did something pretty unusual. Specifically, I drove(!) over to school to meet with one of my computer science teachers in a parking lot to pick up electronics components. If that sounds like something that doesn't happen in real life, I'm on the same page, but I'm not joking. That was my morning.

I think I'm going to call my teacher Mr. Order. Mr. Order is really cool -- he's a computer science teacher, and along with another teacher, Mr. Lunin, pretty much started the computer science cirriculum in my city's school district. Now, computer science is a graduation requirement for high school students, and the cirriculums are interesting as well as accessible. I knew him before I even started high school, and since then, I've probably spent the most time with him compared to any other teacher. He's a robotics coach, so he was around every day after school. I also took AP CS A with him, and am taking Physical Computing Lab with him this year.

Mr. Order can be pretty scary. He can have a temper. He is the ultimate overachiever. He treats his students like adults, and expects adult work in exchange. It's stressful, but he says he does it to make us better people. In most cases, I think that's true. I'm definetly a better person because of him.

Anyway, I met up with my teacher in the school parking lot and picked up my materials.
"Wow, monar. This is going to be the last time I see you before graduation."

We don't get to keep the materials after the school year ends. It is what it is. But just being able to see a teacher, touch something physically, and see the (masked) faces of my classmates was enough for me then.

I will be documenting my projects with these materials in the tech section.