7_3_2020 - launch

Last night was a little crazy. I couldn't sleep- but it wasn't the 'distracted and still tired' kind of awake. I was absolutely energized. So at 4:00AM, I threw together this website and I've been populating it with content today.

I think the site looks okay so far, if not a little too sterile- I really want to make my website authentically me, but also interesting to look at. Eventually, I'll start making custom graphics- as the site continues to fill and new elements are added, hopefully it develops it's own charm!

As it stands, this website is pretty Web 2.0 as far as neocities stuff goes, with flexboxes and (free, don't worry ganoo people) JavaScript making up some functionality, but I think modernity is okay if the website is quick to load and fun to use.

I'll update the website again tomorrow, going forward in big updates for now on so as not to clog up the neocities feed. We'll see how this goes.