7_5_2020 - birthday party

As I've gotten older, I've noticed that getting older has a direct correlation to being less excited about holidays. It sucks- it's always nice to see people, especially now that we've been isolated so long, but something about the magic has worn away. Oh well. I got a couple of new books and a bit of money I'll be able to put into new projects to post about here, which I'm really happy about! Also, don't get confused- 7/3 isn't actually my birthday. Sorry, internet creeps, you'll have to try again another day.

Someone followed this page on Neocities the other day! Hello, and welcome! I'm sorry that there isn't really anything here right now, but I'm always thinking about how I can fill out the web with interesting stuff, so please stay tuned! Thank you for being interested enough in this little corner of the WWW to press a button.

I'll catch you all later.